Just an update

new-006I was getting pretty good about posting regularly here, then I went a couple of weeks with nothing.  I was tied up a little with family and work, but I did get out for the aforementioned movie night, and I got out again for New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s was pretty cool.  I got to see some old friends and meet new people as well.  It was my first time out in a dress in over a year, and of course it was the coldest it had been in almost that long.  I had fun, though.  I only got a couple of self-taken photos of myself – the venue doesn’t allow photographs inside.  I’ll try to get one online soon.

I went to another New Life support meeting last weekend.  They are really a cool bunch of people, and it’s nice to have someone to talk to.  We talked a little more about the Day of “Hey!”.  I forgot that I had volunteered to participate in that.  I know feck-all about planning anything celebratory, but I’m willing to give it a go.

We also talked about this month’s Movie Night, and after some little discussion, we decided on “The Crying Game”.  I recently picked up a copy on DVD, and most of the group haven’t seen it, so it was a natural choice.  I didn’t name myself after Jaye Davidson, but I suppose I always liked his character, “Dil”.  Jaye himself is something of an enigma.  He only did two films “The Crying Game” and “Stargate”, then faded out.  I read somewhere that he never wanted to be famous, and wasn’t comfortable with all the attention, so he went back to working as a fashion assistant, and disappeared.  I suppose that’s better than lingering in the business, taking crap roles.  Still, I wonder how he’s doing these days.


Movie Night

Saturday is Movie Night for the NLTO folks.  A couple of the members have a big house in Virginia Beach, and they host a monthly gathering to watch themed movies.  This month’s selection:

Ma vie en rose


I’ve seen this before, but it’ll be nice to watch again with like-minded folk.