Playing around

with the theme, that is.  The default setting here is a little bland.  I’ve seen a couple here that I like, on other people’s blogs, but I don’t want to be seen as copying anyone.

I also uploaded a photo I took last year as a temp header.  It’s sad, but I haven’t taken a lot of photos this year that don’t have some sort of machine in them.  I don’t know if anyone is reading this yet; it’s not as though I’ve written much of anything yet, but you’ll have to let me know what you think.


Here I go again on my own…

As of this writing, this will be my fourth blog.  The first was a goof, just for the sheer novelty of printing my words for other folks to read.  The second blog came about by accident.  I wanted to post a comment on another writer’s blog, and the site required me to register in order to post a comment.  One thing led to another, and that blog lasted maybe six months.  The most recent blog has lasted to the present day, but it’s turned into an inexpensive way to keep in touch with my lone friend from high school.

None of those blogs had much in the way of a focus, or purpose.  This one is different.  I’ve got things to say, and this T-girl will no longer keep it to herself.