Movie Night

Saturday is Movie Night for the NLTO folks.  A couple of the members have a big house in Virginia Beach, and they host a monthly gathering to watch themed movies.  This month’s selection:

Ma vie en rose

I’ve seen this before, but it’ll be nice to watch again with like-minded folk.


New Beginning

I went to a service for the Day of Remembrance last month, and I met a nice group of people.  They were part of a support group sponsored by the New Life Metropolitan Community Church.  I am naturally leery of anything to do with organized religion, but I miss having a regular group to hang with for support and social functions.

I went to my first meeting on Saturday.  There were twenty-five people there, which is about twice as many as would regularly show up at either of the groups I belonged to in Charlotte.  What’s more, this group is more inclusive.  There were both MTF and FTM members present, ranging in age from 16 to, well, somewhere in the 50s (or possibly older).  Some of the members were accompanied by partners or relatives.

We began by going around the room introducing ourselves, and we were asked what our preferred pronouns are.  This has always been a pet peeve of mine, to spend hours preparing for an excursion en femme, only to be addressed as “Sir”, or referred to as “he” or “him”.

There was a recap of last month’s DOR service, and some discussion about next year.  Next came discussion about a planned “Day of Hey” (name subject to change), an event to celebrate our transgenderedness.  It’s tentatively planned for July 2nd, which is the birthday of Sylvia Rivera, a TG lady who was in the front lines at Stonewall, and who campaigned to keep TG people in the middle of the struggle for GLBT rights.  Incidentally, next June is the 40th anniversary of the events at Stonewall.  I was in New York just before the 30th anniversary, and I missed out on the celebration.  Not this time.

In between discussions, we listened to selections by the Athens Boys Choir, a pair of T-men out of Atlanta who do spoken-word performances and music.  During another break, I scored a *FREE* pair of breast forms from a lady who has grown her own.  She actually had about four pairs to go, and I wasn’t the only girl to come home with new breasts.  😉

I met some new people, and spent a couple of hours chatting about everything from Halo to medieval swordplay, something I used to be quite good at.  I used to be a pretty good sword fighter.  Halo, on the other hand, is a more common present-day pursuit.  Heck, it’s almost a religion.

Anyway, I found a nice, new group of people to hang out with, and I’m already looking forward to the next event.

PS – If you haven’t seen it, check out “Prop 8: The Musical” at  It’s hilarious.

See? Change!

The “Misty Whatever” theme was cool, but the Custom Image Header wasn’t large enough to take on a decent-sized photo of me.  ‘Cause I’m a big girl.  Giggle.

I still don’t think anyone is reading this, but if anyone is, please leave me a comment.  I’d like to know how I’m doing.

Changes coming

It’s a new month, soon to be a new year.  I feel like I’ve wasted this year.  The year started out so good.  I came out for good to my dad, and the world didn’t come to an end.  I started going back out dressed, and nothing untoward came out of it, aside from the odd snicker.  I came out to my employers, and I still have a job, though not quite the way I’d hoped.

Everything was going so well, I thought.  I started dropping by the job when I was off, something I’ve always done, because I care that much about the work.  I started going by en femme, because that’s my preferred mode, and they were still cool with it.  Then I went in for a lunch meeting, and the Vice President of the company was there.  She seemed cool with everything.  I got a little speech about how important my work was to the company, and how they were willing to put up with my “peculiarities” because of it.  Then I got called into the office the next day and was asked to dress as a male at work.  They didn’t say it was conditional or anything, but I got the message.  I didn’t go out dressed for months.

I finally made it back out in November, if only for a Day of Remembrance memorial.  I’m tired of repressing.  I’m tired of presenting as a male because it’s expected.  I’m tired of trying to maintain two wardrobes (though admittedly, my male wardrobe is teeny).  The company holiday party is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I went last year, in drab (because they wouldn’t let me dress up), and I was bored.  I’m dressing as I please this year.  Anyone who doesn’t like it can FRAK OFF.  After that, I think I’m going to have a little chat with management and let them know how things are.

Watch this space.